Hair Transplantation for Women

One of the problems that women complain about the most and increasing day by day is hair rarity. With DHI October method, women can now have more comfortable hair transplantation.

Kadınlara Özel Saç Ekimi
Kadınlara Özel Saç Ekimi

The main causes of spillage are; Iron deficiency, hormonal irregularity, pregnancy, menstrual irregularity, anemia, stress, polycystic ovary syndrome are among the factors that cause hair loss. Treatment is carried out by removing the roots from the donor area and planting them in sparse areas without any cutting process with DHI technique. DHI is a shaving-free and seamless treatment.

Kadınlara Özel Saç Ekimi

How Does The Treatment Take Place?

It is a painless and painless procedure performed with local anesthesia. Roots are transferred to the missing parts of the hair without feeling pain or pain. Treatment is carried out with expert opinion.

  • No pain or pain
  • The treatment lasts an average of 6-7 hours.
  • Treatment with chat.

Do You Need to Cut The Whole Hair?

The donor areas in the nape of the hair are shortened in the thin strip section and roots are collected by FUE method and the hair in the sparse region is transferred to the missing areas without shortening. Operation takes place in 3 stages.

  • 1-Collection of hair follicles
  • 2-Opening channels
  • 3-Planting roots in opened channels
Kadınlara Özel Saç Ekimi
Kadınlara Özel Saç Ekimi

What Should Be Considered?

The patient should not be pregnant for at least 2 years after treatment. Pregnancy can affect hormones and may result in unsuccessful procedures.

  • Shedding occurs after 15 days.
  • Hair starts to grow after 3 months.
  • It'il take a year to get it.

How is The First 3 Days in Hair Transplantation?

It is sufficient for the patient to reserve the first 3 days before and after the operation.

  • Day 1: Hair transplantation and prp treatment is completed.
  • Day 2: The patient is re-visited and the roots are checked.
  • Day 3: We welcome our patient for the first wash. Washing process is carried out in the presence of an expert.
Kadınlara Özel Saç Ekimi
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