Sapphire Fue Technique

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), is one of two donor harvesting methods used to harvest the small follicular units. With the FUE technique follicular units are individually extracted from the patient's donor area using a small round micro punch. It has gained popularity in recent years, and is often described as a “minimally invasive” procedure because it does not involve stitches, and the tiny round excisions are left open to heal without sutures.

Sapphire Fue Tekniği
Sapphire Fue Tekniği

However, it must be noted that when thousands of small cuts are made in the skin, it is an invasive procedure and does constitute surgery. The actual transplantation occurs the same for both donor harvesting techniques, as the grafts are inserted using various tools and needles or micro blades into recipient sites (small incisions) in the areas where the patient has experienced hair loss.

Sapphire Fue Tekniği

What are The Advantages?

Sapphire tip allows more frequent planting in the open area. Postoperative edema is less, which provides comfort to the patient.

  • Since sapphire tips open smaller channels compared to other sowing methods, crusting will be less after sowing.

How is The Treatment Performed?

The extent of hair loss is determined by checking the patient's scalp. Hair transplantation planning is made for the region to be transplanted with the patient.

  • After graft collection, local anesthesia is applied. Using the Sapphire blade, the channels where the roots will settle are opened to the matching area.
  • After placing the roots from the donor site, the site is closed and Sapphire Fue application is completed.
Sapphire Fue Tekniği
Sapphire Fue Tekniği

What is The Difference?

Sapphire tips, thanks to its antibacterial and smooth surface, minimize shaking during application, thus minimizing tissue damage.

  • Sapphire inserts have unique numbers for each region.
  • Postoperative edema amount and crusting are less than other methods.

What Should Be Considered After The Operation?

It is very important to relax for the first 3 days after sowing. Smoking should be avoided during the first week, as smoking reduces blood supply and retards healing, and may result in undesirable treatment.

  • You should wash your hair on the 3rd day after sowing.
  • Scratching the itchy parts of the hair for the first 15 days should be avoided.
  • Sports, heavy activities and the sun should be avoided for 15 days to prevent damage to the hair follicles.
Sapphire Fue Tekniği
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