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With 10 Years of Dermatology Experience

We Plan the Hair of the World

Our dermatology clinic takes care of the common and rare problems of skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes. More than 35 certified doctors provide care in medical and surgical dermatology.

  • 10 Years of Expert Staff Experience
  • A Leader in Dermatological Care
  • Clinical Dermatology Research
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  • Expert Team in Hair Transplantation
    With our expert staff, we provide Hair Transplantation service in the best way with the guarantee of customer satisfaction in the field of Hair Transplantation.
  • 10 Years Expert Experience
    With over 10 years of Double Hair Expert Experience, we provide the best services such as hair transplantation and mustache transplantation
  • Certified Professional Doctors
    More than 35 certified doctors provide professional care in medical and surgical dermatology.

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As Double Hair Medical Center, we offer professional support to our valued customers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Does the hair transplant really work?

Hair loss is the only and definite solution for hair loss. Medications or lotions cannot give rise to new hair follicles. These products can only be effective in slowing or stopping hair loss.

Duration of hair transplantation; the size of the area to be cultivated, skin and hair structure, depending on the technique to be applied, but takes approximately 6-8 hours

Yeah, take it off. The preparation of the grafts (hair cluster), the conditions in which they are kept and the application of the right technique are the factors that directly affect the result.

No spill. Because the hair transplanted was taken from the area coded to shedding. This feature is maintained in the newly cultivated region.

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