Beard and Mustache Transplantation

A beard transplant takes hair from another part of your body (usually the base of your scalp at the back, or under your chin) and transplants it to your face.

At this stage, it is decided which areas to plant and how much hair follicles are added. As in beard planting, channels are opened to the place where the planting will be performed. The grafts from the donor area are added to the opened channels.

Beard Transplantation
Beard Transplantation

Men suffering from the absence of mustache may receive treatment if the donor site is adequate and accepts the conditions of treatment.

One of the most important aspects of beard and mustache transplantation is a natural appearance after treatment.

Beard Transplantation

How is Beard Transplantation Performed?

After the grafts are harvested in the donor area are collected with great care one by one, the treatment is carried out by transferring them to the areas without hair. Treatment is performed with local anesthesia.

  • It is a painless procedure that lasts about 4-5 hours.
  • In rare places of the beard, the channels are opened by drawing with the opinion of the patient and the specialist.
  • Donors are transferred to the opened channels. The beards grow on the skin at an angle of 5-10 degrees.

How is the Post-Operation process?

The harvested area should be washed after 3 days. Crusts will occur after treatment. Within 1 week, the crusts are shed and the healing process begins. 15 days after mustache transplantation, the hairs can be shortened with scissors, but shaving is not recommended.

  • Shedding takes place 15-20 days after the transplant. After 3 months, the hairs begin to grow again.
  • After 6 months, the hairs begin to cling to the roots and continue to grow in the normal cycle.
  • It can be 12-18 months for the image to be completely finalized.
Beard Transplantation
Beard Transplantation

What Should Be Done After Treatment?

Resting for 3 days after treatment, preventing damage to hair follicles in the planting area and protecting from risk of infection 

  • Lip swelling and redness in the region will be passed after 1 week.
  • There will be tingling and itching in the area.
  • The area should not rub, scratch and shells should not be peeled.

How Long After I start to shave again?

15 days after the surgery is enough to shave. During this period, the crusts will heal and the hair follicles planted will be strong and fixed.

  • You can accelerate the healing time with beard care.
  • Crusts will occur due to channels opened during sowing.
  • Strict movements should be avoided when washing and maintaining.
Beard Transplantation
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